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  • yoshiaki hattori

    Matcha is predominately produced in large factories and is considered very difficult to produce in small scale operations due to the meticulous process requiring automation and repeatability. That is what makes Yoshiaki Hattori such a unique tea producer. He started a company called Tenryu Agri-Farms in Shizuoka to perfect the craft of making small batch, single producer matcha. With chemical free growing practices and a matcha made only from tea leaves hailing from his personal tea garden, Yoshiaki combines traditional techniques with a modern style. Although very time consuming, he uses a stone-mill to grind the tea leaves into fine powder, slowly turning the mill to prevent overheating and maintain a consistent particle size. Traditionally, prior to harvest, the tea leaves need to be shaded for many weeks, so Yoshiaki began working with a local business partner to shade the plants with solar panels rather than cloth. The clean energy helps to supplement power in the production facility. 


    25 grams

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