chen zhen jia
  • chen zhen jia

    Grown in the famous Wuyi Mountain region, this tea is looked over by teamaster Chen Zhen Jia, otherwise known as Uncle Chen. The tea grown by Uncle Chen and the Chen family is revered as the highest quality in Wuyishan known for its rocky soils, creating adversity for the plant, forcing it to increase efforts for growth and maturation. The Wuyishan Scenic Area, where the Chen family inherited 13 acres from their grandfather, is the only place where this type of soil is found in the region. The area is now protected by the government and is not cultivated in rows of monoculture like many other tea producing regions in China. The tea trees, ranging from a few years to over a hundred years old, are spread out through large groves allowing for a more natural habitat. Chemical and pesticide use is strictly prohibited. This is a type of tea referred to as, Jin Jun Mei which translates to ‘Golden Beautiful Eybrow' and is composed of delecate, small-leaf culivars that resemble just that.


    25 grams

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